Laboratory for Neuromimetic Systems


Silicon Neuronal Networks: a neuromimetic system


Silicon Neuronal Networks: a neuromimetic system

The lab is working on Silicon Neuronal Network (SNN) as a fundamental technology for “brain-compatible” computing system that processes information on the same principle as the brain. It is an artificial neuronal-cells’-network made of electronic circuit that reproduces the electrophysiological activities in the nervous system.


The lab is working on Silicon Neuronal Networks (see Research page) from the multidisciplinary standpoint over Phenomenological, Constructive, and Theoretical fields. It will be a good choice for postgraduate candidates who are interested in analog or digital electronic circuit design AND mathematical modeling of neuronal cells and their networks.

Graduate schools

Departments (two options)  Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems,Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Mathematical Informatics,Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Campus Komaba Research Campus
Laboratory Neuromimetic Systems, Department of Informatics and Electronics,Institute of Industrial Science
Supervisor Takashi KOHNO, Professor
Contact Email ( ), Internal line ( 56900 )